Thank you for giving!

When you click the (Give Online Now) button you will need to choose what fund your gift will go to. Please read below to know which one you want.

Our ministry operates and spreads the word funded by donations and love offerings from our brothers and sisters across this great nation and the world. From time to time, we are asked to provide an easier means to come alongside our ministry and either make a one time donation or a monthly contribution commitment.

For this reason, we have created this page. If it is your desire to make a donation to the ministry, you will receive a year end tax deductible receipt in January of the following year. We have provided several different options for donations ranging from a one time gift to a monthly gift commitment.

***Please be aware, the monthly gifts are set up as a subscription service that debits your credit card/debit card each and every month for the amount that you agree upon. This automatic debit can be stopped by you at any time you choose. We have provided this option for the convenience of those who may want to contribute on an ongoing basis. We love all of those we meet and minister to and want to sincerely thank you for your donation.

Gifts to the General Fund, one time or subscription, are tax deductible.

Gifts to the Pay for Books/DVDs Order are not tax deductible because you are receiving material(s) for your gift when you order books and DVDs. If you want to submit payment for books or DVDs you got at an event, please choose this fund for your giving.

Gifts to the Inmate Fund are tax deductible because they helps pay, out of the general fund, to send books to the inmates in prisons all over our country. The inmates use these books to witness to other inmates who we may never reach ourselves.

Gifts to the Year End Giving Fund are tax deductible because they goes toward making up any budget loses that were incured during the year and inables us set our realistic budget goals for beginning of the next year.

To continue with giving, just click the button below. If you would rather make your gift to the general fund with a personal check, you can send it to our contact address. You will receive a tax letter for your gift in January of the following year by postal mail.

Thank you! All gifts are a blessing and much appreciated.

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