Basic Teachings of Islam
For most Americans and those who live in Western society, even the basic teachings of Islam are a mystery. Usama Dakdok’s radio programs will help you understand what Islam is really all about, in spite of how confused the media and our politicians seem to be.
These programs will help you understand the truth about Islam that others either miss or refuse to acknowledge, why the news media is so confused about terrorism, and why they are unable to understand how the terrorists can claim to be Muslims following the Qur’an. You need not be confused. You will not be fooled into believing that Islam is peaceful and that Mohammed, the self-proclaimed prophet of god (Allah), is like other prophets in the Bible. 
We must know the truth about the basic teachings of Islam if we want to protect our families, children, and our nation from the deception by Muslims who claim that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God of the Bible.