The First True English Translation of the Qur’an

The Generous Qur'an -- ebook

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The Generous Qur'an:

Translated by Usama Dakdok and an international team of scholars, this is THE ONLY ACCURATE English translation of the Qur’an available anywhere!

 Special Features Include:

  • Accurate English Translation
  • Study Notes for the Reader
  • Errors and Contradictions
  • Comparisons with Biblical Accounts
  • Points to Original Sources
  • Highlights Non-Arabic Words and Idioms in the Qur’an
  • Includes Table of Bible Prophecies about Jesus
  • Index
  • Gospel Invitation

Exposing the Truth about the Qur'an, The Revelation of Error, The Stories of the Prophets -- ebook

VOLUME 1                                                      VOLUME 2
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Exposing the Truth about the Qur'an, The Revelation of Error, The Stories of the Prophets:

Muslims claim that the Qur'an is the final revelation of Allah to humankind as he revealed it to Mohammed by his angel Gabreel. Islam contends that, upon reading the Qur'an, the seeker is at once convinced that it is the very word of Allah. Muslims declare that no mere man could have written such a perfect collection of verses covering a wide variety of topics and doctrines. Within the pages of the Qur'an, one will find familiar events and people, such as the Creation, the Flood, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. But even the casual reader will notice distinct and striking differences between the qur’anic and the much older biblical accounts of the same topics. When confronted with these discrepancies, Muslim apologists will counter that it is the Bible itself which has been corrupted. In this thought-provoking two volume book, the author will examine and refute these claims through careful comparisons of qur’anic, biblical, historical, and archaeological records. The reader will discover that the Qur'an does not even agree with itself concerning the lives and actions of the prophets and is completely at odds with the much older biblical accounts. Finally, the writer will highlight another key area which refutes a divine origin for all of Mohammed's so-called revelations, mistakes, and contradictions. Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an, The Revelation of Error will discuss the many hundreds of geographical, historical, moral, theological, legal, scientific, and linguistic errors contained in Islam's holiest book. After fourteen centuries of blind adherence, now is the time for critical and thoughtful examination.


Exposing the Truth about Jihad: Vol. 1 Holy War in the Bible -- ebook

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Exposing the Truth about Jihad: Vol. 1 Holy War in the Bible:

This dark trail began with rebellion and murder in our first family and has continued, unbroken and unrepentant, until our modern world. From the time that Cain lifted up his hand and slaughtered his own brother, mankind has never departed from hatred, greed, and war. There have been battles for lust, for land, for money, for power, and for revenge. But what about religious wars? What about killing in the (supposed) name of God or a particular religious persuasion? It is perhaps quite telling that the first murder in history was related to religion. This ruthless attack was carried out due to the intolerance of a religious view that sought to justify itself instead of simply trusting in the provision of the Lord. It was the first of many unholy wars that would be fought to wipe out those who worshiped the Creator according to His mercy and grace. Cain killed his “infidel” brother to seek to establish his own religion of power. It was the beginning of countless unholy “jihads.”

However, let me ask an important question: is war ever “holy”? Is it possible for there to be justified bloodshed according to God’s judgment? It is undeniable that the Bible records many instances of the Lord bringing death and judgment through various “holy” wars. What is the difference (if any) between these battles and the violent history of Islam over the past fourteen centuries?

In this two-volume series, Usama Dakdok provides both an important overview and an insightful examination of the details surrounding death and killing in both the Bible (Vol. 1) and the Qur’an (Vol. 2). The reader will see the pattern of justified killing in the Bible (judgment due to sin) versus the arbitrary and unjustified murders carried out in Islam as commanded by Allah.   (Check back later for availability of Vol. 2.)