Q.  I am a language student, and I do a lot of things on-line.  I try to help others learn English as well as learn their language.  In doing this, I meet a large number of people.  One of the people I met was a young girl, born in Vienna, yet 100% Karachay-Balkar.  She is a Muslim, and when I tried to talk to her about the Gospel, she decided that she wanted no more contact with me.  I know that all the arguments 7 wise men can render could never persuade her if she is not willing to listen, however, I also have a responsibility to be the best, sharpest tool I can be for my Lord’s use.  Can you advise me of good resources to use so that I may better evangelize Muslims should I encounter one again?
Witnessing to Muslims is a great challenge.  The more you know about Islam, the better you are equipped to do so.  Most likely insecure Mulims will not carry on a conversation when you start sharing your faith.  That’s when you need to change your way of sharing the gospel.
Q. What is the Camel Method and what is your view on it?
The Camel Method is a poor presentation for it tries to use the Qur’an to prove to the Muslim about the Gospel of Jesus. But in fact, the name Jesus is not mentioned in the Qur’an but Isa who is not the Son of God or the son of Allah and who did not die on the cross – so it is actually an empty circle. However, on the other hand, I use the Qur’an when I minister to the Muslims after assuring them that I do not believe in it as  – step number 1 –  for Mohammed declared in the Qur’an that the Bible is the Word of God, which had never been corrupted and will never change. Because Muslims believe in their Qur’an, they must believe that the Bible is the perfect Word of God. Then step number 2 –  I use the Qur’an to disprove the Qur’an to be the Word of God. Obviously, that is as we show hundreds of error and contradictions, which is now available in our new two volume book, Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an, The Revelation of Error.  Then we lead the Muslim to the truth of the Gospel which is step number 3. If we do not take these easy three steps and just expose the error and contradictions in the Qur’an and convince the Muslim that the Qur’an and Islam are false, we may lose them for good to atheism. Also, before I show my Muslim friends that they are lost in Islam, it is very important to let them know about the truth of the Gospel as mentioned in step number 1. Don’t forget, when I use the Qur’an, I emphasize to my Muslim friends that I do not believe in it.
There is no such thing as just one way to reach the Muslims with the gospel.  I am familiar somewhat with the Camel Method. It is like taking a story from the Qur’an and using it to teach the truth of the gospel. I personally can  use this method, but I don’t think Christian Americans are equipped to do so. There is so much to learn about Islam before you can reach out or evangelize the Muslims about Jesus.  What I am worried about is that an America Christian will read this book and then try to reach out to the Muslims.  When reaching out to a lost American, you can read a book or take a class on evangelism, but you can not do that with the Muslims for evangelizing them is far more complicated and difficult to do.
Q. I have witnessed to Muslims using (LOVE) as my theme and they QUICKLY depart. Does this Qur’an give us the answers we need?
If you are talking about my English translation of the Qur’an, yes, it will help you to understand what Muslims really believe.  I believe my translation will help you to understand the truth about Islam.  Ministering to Muslims using the Gospel message is a waste of time because every truth we have in the Gospel is to the Muslim a falsehood; but if we start with the Qur’an, there is enough information there which proves to the Muslim.   (1) The Bible is true and has never been changed or corrupted.   (2) The Qur’an is a false counterfeit of the Bible and full of errors.    (3)  Islam is not a peaceful, loving religion as they claim .    (4) Mohammed was a sinful man, a child molester, a sex offender, a womanizer, a prophet pretender, a thief, a killer, an adulterer; therefore, he cannot be a prophet. Now we can go back to the Bible and share the truth of the love of Christ through the Gospel.  Muslims must be convinced that they are lost before they will have the need or desire to search for the Straight Way, who is our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ.