He Does Not Change

By Usama Dakdok

As I read throughout the pages of the Bible, I have never read that Satan ever said, “Oops, I made a mistake.” He never said, “I wish I had said it differently or planned it another way.” He never relented or repented of any decision or action he ever took. From the beginning of his time until now, he is the same and has never changed. He is very united with his team. That is why his kingdom is so strong.

In his first plan, Satan was able to take a third of those in that kingdom under his wing (Revelation 12:4). In his second plan, he was able to annihilate one fourth of the human race (Genesis 4:8). He hates life and wishes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). He may destroy our possessions, our children, and even our health, but if we are faithful and trust in the Lord, nothing he can do will succeed in destroying our faith. If we say that the LORD gave and the LORD has taken away, may the name of the LORD be praised (Job 1:21), we may regain all that Satan destroyed and even more. Those who serve Satan do not realize what they are doing. They may think they are doing the right thing. After all, they are following and obeying his commands.

Throughout the history of mankind, many violent acts have taken place on this earth. Many have died to fulfill Satan’s desires because he is a bloodthirsty creature. He came once again 1400 years ago to this world, but this time he did not tell men that if they follow him they will be like God (Genesis 3:5). Instead, he said, “I am god.” He gave himself the name Allah. Rather than men killing others by their own desires, now his followers kill others by his commands.

He looked to the West and saw that America was united throughout the land even by calling themselves the United States of America. We were united under the title “One nation under God.” However, because we are not perfect, we made many mistakes. Even though these same mistakes were made all over the world, our former sin of slavery is the only one which still receives attention. Yet those who believe in Allah still practice slavery today under Allah’s command. Once again, Muslims think they are obeying God, but instead they are really obeying Satan. Even when the united people of America confessed their sin and stopped practicing slavery nearly two hundred years ago, Allah (Satan) still chooses the sin of slavery to bring division among the American people.

Sadly, many of the so-called liberals are hooked by Satan’s trap to destroy this great nation, even though only 5 percent of the 10 percent taken from the west coast of Africa ended up as slaves in the United States of America. Today many of the descendants of these slaves are prosperous all across America and are free to do whatever they desire. Sadly, many of the 90 percent of the slaves who were taken from Africa headed to the Middle East died on their journey. Of the remaining slaves that survived the journey, the men died fighting battles for the Muslims and the women were used as sex slaves.

To practice the verses of war which Allah inserted in the pages of the Qur’an, life became complicated as the sword became a bomb and the horse became an airplane or a tank. Satan used the politicians in America to sell these new weapons to the Muslims. Then Allah (Satan) said in a soft whisper, “Now, let me put guilt into the conscience of those who live in that united land. It is time for the church to minister to these ‘victims of war.’” That is when Allah (Satan) began the refugee settlement program. When the wicked leaders brought the cancer of Islam to this land, they enticed the ungodly preachers with money, which states on our currency “In God We Trust,” to bring Muslim refugees throughout our land. Under Satan’s influence, the Muslim refugees were not assimilated into America to become part of the melting pot. Muslims instead were given their own communities which in the future will be called “No Go Zones” where they will continue to grow in number. Sadly, only a few of the real refugees, the Christian refugees, are brought out of these same warring countries. Satan’s plan is to destroy this country, not to make it a mission land.

In one attack, Satan was able to kill 3,000 people. However, quickly our politicians (Bush) declared to the entire country that Islam is a loving, peaceful religion and that the attack was the work of a few “extremists.” We went to war in the Middle East to eliminate these radicals. To prove our love for the rest of the Muslims, our politicians, once again, brought many of these Muslims to America as refugees and scattered them in their own communities across the land.

Because the people of America believed Satan’s lies and perhaps because of the sins of the past, they were quick to elect a black, Muslim man (Obama) to power. He empowered the Muslim believers, who liberals call “extremists” or “radicals” in America and in many countries of the Middle East. Then, behold, the thousands of Al Qaeda in Iraq became hundreds of thousands of ISIS throughout these countries. However, these are Sunni Muslims. What about the Shiite Muslims? Satan whispered in Obama’s ear. Quickly he fixed it by helping Iran with billions of dollars. More Muslims then arrived in America. Obama disregarded the advice of his military command by leaving Iraq, as he left the weapons Al Qaeda needed to grow into ISIS.

An outsider then came to power to “Make America Great Again.” Satan did not like this change. He strengthened the liberals and many of those who are called RINOS to spread lies and hinder all his work. He (Trump) was then impeached, not once, but twice. If that was not enough, Satan brought disease throughout the land.

Now O’Biden has come into power. “I will help you win,” said the deceiver. “You don’t need to travel or campaign. I’ll get China and the machines to give you the victory. I will send Covid to cause panic throughout the entire world and then stealing power will be easy for you to obtain.”

Then the date of August 31 was announced to leave Afghanistan. With deception, O’Biden ordered all the soldiers back home but left many Americans and the $90 billion of weapons to the Taliban. Only God knows what is coming. As long as we have the Democrats and RINOS, Satan will not regret what he plans as he makes no mistakes. America will be destroyed by the so-called good Muslim refugees, as we will not be united forever. Billions of dollars will be given to the Taliban to bring back those Americans abandoned on August 31, and millions of Muslims from Afghanistan and other Muslim lands will continue to come to America. This is Satan’s perfect plan.

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